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Make nodding off a breeze this summer


Summer is a great time of year; the days are longer, the weather’s great and people are more inclined to smile at you in the street. No matter how good the heady days of summer are though, getting to sleep during the summer months can be almost impossible if you struggle with overheating.

Being too hot is one of the most common reasons for a bad night’s sleep and can mean hours of tossing and turning, as well as performing the world’s weirdest hokey-cokey with your duvet, so we’ve teamed up with Mattressman to share our favourite tips for staying cool.

Choose cotton

Cotton is a natural fibre and very breathable – just like the latex that goes into making our mattresses – so it will promote a healthy flow of air beneath the covers.

Create a cross-breeze

Lots of people close their bedroom door when they go to bed – it provides a sense of security, privacy and shuts out noise – but doing so when you’re feeling hot can prevent air from circulating in your bedroom and make you feel hotter. Instead, leave both your bedroom door and window open to create a cross-breeze. This will draw in cooler air and push out warm air.

Pop your bedding in the freezer

This tip is great for those who love the cold side of the pillow. About 45 minutes before going to bed, pop your bedding into a resealable plastic bag and leave it in the freezer to chill. After 30 minutes or so, your bedding should be nice and cool, giving you just enough time to get comfy and drift off.

Take a lukewarm shower

This may sound daunting, but taking a lukewarm shower before bed – maybe while your bedding is cooling in the freezer – will lower your core body temperature and wash off any sweat, leaving you cool, clean and ready to hit the hay.

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