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The brand new dunlopilloelite collection fuses luxury premium Talalay latex,

hand centre tied calico pocket springs and the finest natural fillings available.

Our unique designs offer the ultimate in comfort, 
support and breathability allowing you to indulge in a perfect night’s sleep.

More natural, more breathable, more comfortable

The Elite Collection mattresses

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Designed by you, for you

In addition to offering uniquely combined mattress fillings, this collection lets you customise the look of your mattress like never before.

Tailor the style of your mattress by choosing one of our 100% natural wool band C fabrics for the:

  • tape edge, border and handles

  • tape edge

Combine with a matching divan and headboard for the ultimate sleek design.

Or keep your mattress plain white and choose from our Band A or B fabric collections for your divan and headboard. 

With our range of standard, luxury or premium divan options, there’s a base for everybody.  

Each one is carefully designed to provide not only the correct support, but also enhance the feel of your mattress to achieve the perfect combination of support and comfort.

Elite Supreme mattress corner - wool border.jpg

Tape edge, border & handles

Elite Supreme mattress corner_damask border_juniper tape.jpg

Tape edge

Elite Supreme mattress corner_damask border.jpg


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